I do stuff for creators, corporates and the curious.

I launched AngelList's fundraising platform (that manages over $7B), Zetta Venture Partners (the first AI fund) and a few of my own companies. I was the first or largest investor in category-defining companies such as Canva, Kaggle and Tractable. I published a book with Penguin Random House, The AI-First Company, about how to develop a competitive advantage with AI.


I help companies from inception onwards by advising on their data + ML, pricing and fundraising strategy. I then invest anything from $20K to $20MM behind that strategy. The advisory work typically takes the form of one working session per month in which we try to solve your hardest problem. Alternatively, I also intensively coach a small number of CEOs.

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I help some of the largest companies and governments in the world understand the potential applications and impact of AI. This takes the form of board, consulting and speaking engagements.

You can book an introductory call here. My rate is $1,100 per hour but it varies depending on the length, type and impact of the engagement.

“Ash Fontana thinks about building companies in a really unique way. His ideas helped companies like ours get started, and now they’re in a book for you to use too.”
— MELANIE PERKINS, cofounder and CEO of Canva
“...whether you’re launching a start-up or integrating emerging technologies into your existing company, Ash Fontana provides not only a comprehensive framework for understanding AI, but also practical advice for developing an ‘AI-First’ mindset.”
— ERIC SCHMIDT, former executive chair and CEO of Google and cofounder of Schmidt Futures
“Fontana explains AI with untold pragmatism, and his practical analysis of how to get started with an AI-first mindset has the potential to reshape how we do business”
— CATHERINE LIVINGSTONE, AO, FAA, FTSE, chair of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney


I write and talk about intelligent systems. More to come, in more areas, in 2022.